Prove your skills in this brand new game for SNES

Sure Instinct

Sure Instinct is a skill based puzzle-game. Steer a ball through challenging maps to the goal of each stage.
By changing the perspective, you can reach objects on two different sides of each map. Avoid falling down into the abyss or to lose your health on dangerous objects. Collect items to reach new sections or to find hidden paths.

Can you find the way to the goal, beat the high score or find the fastest path through the stages?

This game has been developed in only three month to run on a real Super Nintendo! Yes, you read correctly: You can play this game on a real Super Nintendo or on any platform which provides an emulator!


★ Unlock three different stages and a tutorial level ★

★ Play with mouse or gamepad ★

★ Use elements from two different perspectives to affect the other side ★

★ Collect items to access new areas ★

★ Listen to Japanese vocals for more nostalgic feelings ★

★ Pixel exact collision with ball bounce off physics ★

★ Play on a real Super Nintendo or with nearly any SNES emulator ★

How to play?

Sure Instinct has been developed to run on a real Super Nintendo. You can play the game either on a real console or using an emulator on nearly any platform you like.

You can find a list of emulators on this site.


You can play Sure Instinct either with mouse, gamepad or keyboard. Even the old-school Super Nintendo mouse works perfectly!

-MouseGamepadKeyboard (browser version)
MoveMove mouseDirectional padArrow keys
Use Item / ConfirmLeft buttonA or BA or S
Select ItemRight buttonX, Y, L or RX

Note: The mouse controls of the menus might be "too fast" when playing with an emulator. That's because I optimized it for the real SNES hardware mouse. However, the ingame mouse controls are great on emulator and SNES.

Do you like this game?

This game took me three month to create. If you like this game, I would be really happy to get some feedback! I've already got thousands of ideas for a full version of this game if there are enough people who enjoy this game.

Please send me your feedback here! Thank you!

Some facts about the game

Here are some interesting facts about this game:

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, HTML5
Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Tags2D, Homebrew, maze, My First Game Jam, Singleplayer, snes, superfamicon, Top-Down
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Gamepad (any)


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SureInstinct PAL (v1.0.2) (Latest) 264 kB
SureInstinct NTSC (v1.0.2) (Latest) 272 kB
SureInstinct PAL (v1.0.1) (Only Minor Fixes) 266 kB
SureInstinct NTSC (v1.0.1) (Only Minor Fixes) 274 kB
SureInstinct PAL (v1.0) 266 kB
SureInstinct NTSC (v1.0) 274 kB

Development log


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Wow, this game looks awesome, can't wait to play it after work today. =) Btw, I vaguely remember playing a very similar looking game something like 20-25 years ago on a home computer at a friends house. Do you remember the inspirations for Sure Instinct, because I have been searching for that old game for ages (but can't remember the name)

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That might be Rock'n'Roll by Rainbow Arts (e. g. on Amiga). I liked it a lot back then, and it had to be played with the mouse, which was a bit of a particular feature. The in-game music was great, too.

I have really enjoyed your game! It's so cool that people are still programming for SNES. Is there a GitHub page for your project?

Thanks for sharing! I recorded myself playing this video game and uploaded the session on my gaming YouTube channel:

I had a lot of fun with that game. I liked the mechanics and the flow of it. It's a great result for this jam!

I finished the game!  The level designs must have taken a bunch of work, stage 3 took me several attempts but it was satisfying to finally figure out!  Love the visual effects.  On my CRT only half of the copyright text line is visible at the bottom of the title screen but the rest fits okay.  No bugs to report in 1.0.1 that I can find, thank you for your creation!  :D

A nice and polished puzzle game.


Lol @ the Japanese voices.

The menu text is very hard to read, a bad font. The first screen also goes way too fast to read what's written on the bottom.

For the breaking holes, I expected falling through one to do a flip, like the flip tiles do, not kill you. That's an inconsistency in the gravity logic.

Missing sfx for things like lasers, getting hurt, etc.

Some things on the title screen are outside the safe TV area.

Thank you for the feedback! I guess I developed too much on an emulator where fonts are easier to read. Maybe I'll release a patch about that after the game jam voting has ended.

I thought about a "logic" way to identify why some areas allow wrapping around and others doesn't. But I didn't come up with an idea yet.

The SFX for lasers etc are really missing. I guess I was missing some time to work on those. It's a bit different than other sounds because those would need to be repeated while you're getting hurt. But also something for a repolished version :)

To be honest, the safe TV area is something new to me ^^""" I only managed to play it on a modern TV yet and not on an old one. But shouldn't the UI also be off screen then?

Yes, the ingame UI is outside the safe area too.

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The game is cool 

And the game is original 
And the mechanic is very good

Thank you very much! ^o^